On Yoga the Architecture of Peace在线观看

On Yoga the Architecture of Peace

  • 上映年代:2017  
  • 类型:纪录片
  • 地区:巴西
  • 更新时间:

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二九 2019-09-21

Union inside of ourselves. Look beyond the five senses, you will see one thing, we are the same human beings. Now is the time, you are the Mantra.

知交剪影 2018-05-11


無言:) 2021-11-11

这部纪录片以摄影师迈克尔·奥尼尔(Michael O'Neill)的同名书为基础,讲述了作者十年来在瑜伽世界的旅程。挺有意思的,Netflix已出HD1080p版本,3.7

蕴琳 2020-05-27

The main point is clear that to find the happiness within yourself. But for me the structure of the film is messy.God also said “find the glory inside you” . It’s not to say west and east necessarily hold totally different ideas, but it’s the task of the film to emphasize and distinguish the character of yoga through the physical practice.